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Get Motivated, While Desciplined

A starred post, Get Disciplined, Not Motivated,  in Google Reader draws my attention today and I think the view is quite impressing. Problems of simple motivation are listed in the post:

  1. Motivation is fleeting
  2. Motivation is situational
  3. Motivation is everywhere

I think the points are quite right but the author of the post may push it too hard. Motivation is as important too.

From some day on, I steal a sentence from my English textbook as a quote:

Motivated by objectives, rather than limited by disciplines

I follow this quote quite hard when building any team lead by me, the Snail Chorus, Manhattan Group, and Varkrs’ Lab. I seldom strictly execute some routines but think freedom and motivation will have my men as powerful as they could be. However, things not always go as expected and sometimes I have to show my anger and push them very hard, given their inefficiency and distraction.

Maybe it’s time to modify the quote a little bit, and take discipline as important as motivation. The question is, how can I discipline the others? Firstly, I think I myself should be motivated and disciplined well. That’s not a big problem to me. Then how to make the others disciplined? How to make regulations and execute them while not hurting the friendship among us?